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Dincat advocates and provides services to families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to improve their quality of life and achieve a fully inclusive society where difference is valued positively.

Having a son or daughter with intellectual and development disability (IDD) can give rise to a whole series of unexpected situations for the family, which may call for special attention.

Dincat represents the collective of these families in Catalonia in their dealings with public administrations and society, offers them services and care (usually by means of its associated bodies) and calls for the exercise of the rights of people with IDD and their families in all the networks, boards and confederations at Catalan, Spanish and international level.

We understand the concept of family in a broad sense, as “the people who think of themselves as part of the family, whether related by blood or marriage or not, and who support and care for each other on a regular basis” (Park, Hoffman, Marquis, Turnbull, Poston, Mannan, Wang and Nelson, 2003). Accordingly, a person is a member of a family when they consider themselves part of it and are valued as such, irrespective of the existence of relationships of blood, marriage or adoption.

Dincat defends and serves this group of individuals, families and bodies with a view to achieving a fully inclusive society that views difference as a positive value and enables all people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) to develop a full life plan.

It puts its mission into practice by means of various bodies: a Federation for political representation, a Management association for employer representation, a Federation of associations of parents of pupils with IDD and a Foundation with its own programmes and services.