Dincat is the reference group for intellectual disability in Catalonia, made up of a Federation, a Management association, a Federation of parents’ associations and a Foundation offering services.

Dincat defends the rights of the 42,000 people who make up the collective and their families, provides services to its over 300 associated non-profit bodies and promotes networking and collaboration with related social sectors to defend social economy.

In 2010, APPS-Federació catalana pro persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual, Coordinadora de Tallers per a persones amb Discapacitat Psíquica de Catalunya and the Associació Empresarial d’Economia Social APPS, with over 35 years of experience, joined forces to form Dincat. As the direct heir of these organizations, Dincat received the Creu de Sant Jordi prize in 1990 and was declared a non-profit organization in 1983. It has had ISO 9001 certification since 2005.

Dincat in figures:

  • Over 300 associated bodies.
  • Providing support and services to 31,000 people with intellectual and developmental disability.
  • Bringing together 630 centres and services.
  • Acting in all areas: early care, daytime care, self-managers, family care, education, housing, work, leisure and guardianship.