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Dincat has a range of services to organizations ranging from the impact of political, social awareness or collective representation, to the continuing education of professionals and information services and advice.

Dincat groups together over 300 bodies that defend the rights of and provide services to 31,000 people with intellectual disability in Catalonia.

Dincat’s project is organized in the form of the non-profit social initiative bodies that are associated to it. These bodies work to promote social economy at the service of the collective they defend, and their basic constituent identity is formed by belonging to the Third Sector.

All the associated bodies form part of Dincat Federation, which provides political representation and works to defend the collective rights of people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and their families. Furthermore, bodies that contract services and employ staff form part of Dincat Management association, which defends the business interests of its members and represents the bodies when dealing with social agents. This Management association exceptionally brings together some bodies involved in other areas of disability and mental illness that delegate to it their employer representation.